Getting Started with PriceWaiter OnSite

We have ready-to-go plugins for many popular e-commerce platforms. See our integrations list to see if your platform is supported.

Getting started with a custom installation

A custom install is easy to perform with a few small pieces of HTML and Javascript.

Step One

First put a PriceWaiter placeholder where you’d like the button to appear on the page:

<span id="pricewaiter"></span>

Step Two

Then include the script block to configure the button:

var PriceWaiterOptions = {

    // Configure the product the Name Your Price widget applies to.
    product: {
        sku: 'EXAMPLE-1234',
        name: 'Left-handed Smoke Shifter',
        image: '',
        price: '19.99'


Step Three

Then, include this code at the bottom of the page to load the button:

<script src="[your api key here].js" async></script>