Adding the Widget Code

  1. Login to your Volusion store’s admin panel
  2. At the top of the page, navigate to “Design” -> “Template”
  3. On the “Active Template” tab, click “Edit HTML” in the “Advanced Editing” box.
  4. Now find the </body> tag. Create a new line above it, and copy and paste the following code:
<!-- Begin PriceWaiter code -->
<script src="<your api key here>.js" async></script>
<!-- End PriceWaiter code -->

Disable PriceWaiter on specific products

For each product that you don’t want the PriceWaiter button to appear on, follow these steps:

Upload a product description that contains these html tags to toggle the button off.

No PriceWaiter button

<!-- Begin Disable PriceWaiter Widget On This Page -->
<span id="no_pricewaiter_button" style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span>
<!-- End Disable PriceWaiter Widget On This Page -->

Volusion Integration from PriceWaiter

Sign in to your PriceWaiter account

Sign Up PriceWaiter Screen

Use the top menu to go to the Settings tab, click Platform Integration in the sidebar

Platform Integration PriceWaiter Screen

We will be filling out these 5 fields. Start by typing your username into the top field, and your store url in the “Hostname” input.

Volsuion Integration PriceWaiter Screen with User and Hostname

Now in a separate tab open up and log into your volusion store. In the top menu hover over settings, and click on the shipping tab. Scroll about halfway down the page and under Advanced Settings click “View All Shipping Methods”

Volusion Shipping Advanced Settings

You should now see a list of all the available shipping methods for your store. At the top of the page under the Shipping Methods bar there is also a “Shipping Sttings” button which you can use to edit your shipping methods or add a new shipping method.

Once this is set up to your liking, select the shipping method you would like to use and type the appropriate code into “Shipping Method ID” on the PriceWaiter Volusion integration page

In similar fashion, we will select the Payment tab, also under the Volusion store Settings menu. On the right hand side of the “Payment” header bar is a “View List” button.

Here you see a list of all payment methods, similar to the shipping method list. On the right hand side of the header you can add new payment methods. Select the appropriate payment method ID and type it into the field on your PriceWaiter Volusion Integration page.

For your Encrypted Password go to Inventory in the top menu bar, click the Import/Export tab. From here select Volusion API. Under “Generic” click “Volusion API Integration Help”

From here, select the “URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting” text box. At the bottom you will see EncryptedPassword in the url. Copy the string between “EncryptedPassword=” and “&API_Name” and paste it into the encrypted password input on your PriceWaiter Volusion Integration Page.

And Voila! Save and your Volusion store is succesful connected to your PriceWaiter account!