The Order Callback allows PriceWaiter to insert orders into your Ecommerce Platform. Our system will make a API call to your server with the details of a successful payment for an offer.

This feature is not needed for Shopify or Bigcommerce as they directly integrate order creation in your store.

Order Notification API URL / Endpoint

(For magento extension users, the Order Notification URL format is https://_YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_/index.php/pricewaiter/callback)

Verify API Call

Data Fields

Field Example Notes
pricewaiter_id 10233323 (string) PriceWaiter ID for the order
order_completed_timestamp 2021-12-11T06:14:16+00:00 (string) ISO 8601-formatted date/time
store_id 42 (string) PriceWaiter ID for the store
store_name Kwik-E-Mart (string) Name of the store as entered
api_key 3kjsdf023lskjdf902lksjdf934 (string) API Key assigned to the site
transaction_id pk_a58conk8on4t3do9e98th3 (string) Payment confirmation code
payment_method authorize_net (string) Name of payment processor
buyer_first_name Ned (string)
buyer_last_name Flanders (string)
buyer_name Ned Flanders (string) Buyer’s full name
buyer_email (string) Buyer’s email address
buyer_shipping_name   (string) Ship to full name
buyer_shipping_first_name Ned (string)
buyer_shipping_last_name Flanders (string)
buyer_shipping_address   (string) Ship to address
buyer_shipping_address2   (string)
buyer_shipping_address3   (string)
buyer_shipping_city   (string) Ship to city
buyer_shipping_state TN (string) 2-letter state abbreviation
buyer_shipping_zip 12345 (string) US zip code
buyer_shipping_phone 425-555-1212 (string) Buyer’s phone number
buyer_shipping_country US (string) 2-letter country code
buyer_billing_name Ned Flanders (string) Bill to full name
buyer_billing_first_name Ned (string) Bill to first name
buyer_billing_last_name Flanders (string) Bill to last name
buyer_billing_address   (string) Bill to address line 1
buyer_billing_address2   (string) Bill to address line 2
buyer_billing_address3   (string) Bill to address line 3
buyer_billing_city   (string) Bill to city
buyer_billing_state TN (string) 2-letter state abbreviation
buyer_billing_zip 12345, 123456789 (string) Postal code
buyer_billing_phone 012-345-6789, etc. (string) Buyer’s phone number
buyer_billing_country US (string) 2-letter country code
quantity 3 (int) Total quantity
unit_price 1234.99 (decimal) Price per unit
tax 4.99 (decimal) Tax cost (not % rate)
shipping 10 (decimal) Shipping cost
total 1249.98 (decimal) Order total
shipping_method UPS Ground (string) Name of shipping method
product_sku   (string) Product sku / model number
product_name   (string) Product Name
product_option_count   (int) total number of options
product_option_name1, e.g. “Size”, “Color” (string) size, color, style, etc.
product_option_name2, e.g. “Size”, “Color” Name of the Nth (1-based up to product_option_count)
product_option_name e.g. “Size”, “Color” (string) Value for the Nth product option.
product_option_value1, e.g. “Large, “Green”  
product_option_value2, e.g. “Large, “Green”  
product_option_value e.g. “Large, “Green”  
metadata_   (string) value of metadata properties
currency e.g. “USD” (string)Any valid ISO-4217 currency code
test e.g. 0 (integer) 0 and 1 are the only valid values