The official PriceWaiter Magento extension allows you to quickly enable, configure, and integrate PriceWaiter into your Magento store.

Find Pricewaiter in Magento Marketplace

Installing the PriceWaiter Magento Extension

  1. Purchase our free Make an Offer extension in the Marketplace
  2. Find your extension key for the latest version of the pricewaiter/nypwidget extention.

  3. Log in to your Magento Admin panel.
  4. Navigate to “System” -> “Magento Connect” -> “Magento Connect Manager”.
  5. Login to the Magento Connect Manager.
  6. Under the “Install New Extensions” heading, paste the key into the box and click “Install”, then click “Proceed”.
  7. Log out of the Magento Connect Manager and your Magento Admin panel.
  8. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to “System” -> “Configuration”.
  9. In the left-hand navigation, under the “SALES” heading, click “PriceWaiter”.
  10. Enable the extension by changing “Enabled” to “Yes”, and copy and pasting your API Key into the “API Key” box, then click “Save Config”.

If you prefer to download a tar file of our extension directly, visit our github releases page

Enabling Product Data Lookups for existing stores

When upgrading to the Magento Extension 2.0 version, there is a new feature called Product Data Lookup. This allows PriceWaiter to pull verified product price and inventory data from you store and powers Automatic Response and other premium features. To enable this, you will need to set the Endpoint URL and Secret Key settings. You can find these in the Product Data API section of your store’s Settings > Platform Integration.

Upgrading the Magento Extension should generate a Secret Key for you. The Endpoint URL will be https://_YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_/pricewaiter/productinfo

Segmenting traffic and appearance

PriceWaiter Campaigns allow you to control the look and feel of our call-to-action on your product pages. You can change the button appearance and decide when each campaign type is eligible for display. See the PriceWaiter Campaign section of your store dashboard to get started.