The PriceWaiter checkout system includes support for firing conversion events for Google Analytics and Facebook, as well as any additional custom scripts you need. In your PriceWaiter account head to Settings then Conversion Tracking.

Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics UA identifier in our settings and we will fire conversion events when buyers complete purchases. We use the GA ecommerce tracking plugin so will see detailed information about each transaction in your analytics account.

Facebook Pixel

Enter your Facebook Pixel ID in our settings and we can fire the following events:

See the Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide for more.

Custom Conversion Scripts

You can paste any html script tags in this area. PriceWaiter will execute your custom script once at the time of purchase. Please include the <script> html tags around your custom conversion codes.

You can inject dynamic variables into your scripts by referencing the following keys on a global window.Conversion object.

window.Conversion = {
    id: 'PW-123456',
    store: {
        name: 'Example Retailer Store'
    product: {
        name: 'iPhone 7',
        sku: 'APPL-IPHO-123',
        unit_price: 699.99,
        quantity: 2
    total: 1414.98,
    shipping: 10.00,
    tax: 5.00,
    currency: 'USD'