PriceWaiter can redirect buyers to a custom page on your website after a successful order purchase. You may use this page to trigger Javascript conversion tracking events. Under Advanced Settings in your PriceWaiter account, you can set the Checkout Redirect url and HTTP POST/GET method. We recommend POST unless you have specific technical need for the GET HTTP method.

We do not recommend using checkout redirect to process order details into a fulfilment system. Our supported platforms do that automatically, and custom integrations can use the Order Callback API to securely process orders.

Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking

This example uses PHP scripting. Other languages will need to adapt for different methods of accessing HTTP request variables. This example may be different if using the newer Universal Analytics style.

    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['pricewaiter_id']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['product_sku']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['product_name']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['unit_price']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['quantity']); ?>'

    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['pricewaiter_id']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['store_name']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['total']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['tax']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['shipping']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['buyer_shipping_city']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['buyer_shipping_state']); ?>',
    '<?php echo json_encode($_POST['buyer_shipping_country']); ?>'


Generally the same variables from the Order Callback API are available to Checkout Redirect.

Testing your checkout redirect landing page

Here is an example curl request to POST data to your page. You can then inspect the page to ensure your Javascript tracking output is correct.

curl '' --data 'pricewaiter_id=P-1234&store_id=42&store_name=Example+Store&api_key=DEMO&transaction_id=ABCD-1234&payment_method=stripe&currency=USD&test=&order_completed_timestamp=2015-07-14T01%3A06%3A23%2B00%3A00&buyer_name=James+Dean&buyer_first_name=James&buyer_last_name=Dean&'